Daily Activities

Circle Time


During Circle Time, the teachers will discuss the daily activities and the new items for the day in Centers.

Center Time


During this time the children are able to choose from a variety of activities set up into learning centers by the teachers. The centers that may be available during this time are as follows:  block area, writing center, dramatic play center, housekeeping corner, library area, art cart, manipulative center, listening center, sensory table, table games area and a project table. Careful observations are made to help create a classroom environment that meets the needs and developmental levels of all the children. 

Music/Movement Activities


Music is a great way to teach concepts to young children in a fun and creative way.  The children sing some old favorites and learn some new songs that are destined to become their favorites.  They also get an opportunity to work out some wiggles and move their bodies to music 



Snack is provided by the parent helper for the day.  Snack time is a special time of day not only because the children are able to "refuel" but also because it provides an opportunity for socializing.  The children enjoy visiting with their classmates and teachers during this time.  It also provides the opportunity to talk about healthy food choices and table manners. 

Story Time


This is the time of day when the children listen to a special story read by the teacher.  The story may not be a book at all but it may be a flannel story, or a story that is simply told to the children using props and sound effects.  This is an important language development time for children. 

Small Group/Large Motor


A small group activity might involve a "draw and tell" activity or a group game that helps teach math or language skills.  A large motor activity might involve a bean bag game, ball skill activities or outdoor time. Teachers will have a lesson plan posted outside of the classroom that will let you and your child know what's happening in the classroom that day.  These notes are a great way for you to talk with your child about their day.